About me

Hey there,

my name is Cornelia, but nobody really calls me by my full name. Instead I am known as Conschnpeda, Conschi, Conrad, or as I prefer to introduce myself, simply CONNY.

I am Conny, 28 years old, from Austria! I consider myself as a positive thinker, ambitions, fun and easy person with an happy attitude and a great passion for traveling. All of which I want to share with you on my blog MyTravelEmotion.com.

I am from Styria in Austria and have been living in Vienna every since I returned from my one-year Au Pair experience in London at the age of 20. Vienna, after all, turned out to be quite a stable homebase for me. It was mainly one of these guts decisions to move to Vienna, of which (lets put diplomatically) I was not the biggest fan at the beginning. But many of my friends have also moved here so I thought “Well, I’ll give it a try” and after that one came to the other. I got a great Marketing job at an energy company, made new friends and started my Bachelor studies at FH with evening and weekend classes (yes, I am a bit of a nerd^^). And now, 7 years later, I am working at a new Marketing position in a well-known telco company (which is great fun but a tough challenge at the same time – just how I like it), finished my Master degrees in Marketing- & Salesmanagement in the meantime and ..well… I admit I kind of have fallen in love with crazy, unique and beautiful Vienna <3. You see, everything worked out very well for me and I am very grateful and appreciative for being born and raised in a country like Austria!

But (yes there had to come a but), I am one of these persons who cannot sit still without the next projects knocking on the door, new plans to be made or new desitinations to be discovered.

By traveling I follow an inner impulse and desire, as it gives me feelings of excitement, freedom, fullfilment and simply happiness.

I have always loved to travel, which at this point I have to thank my parents for. They took me already on family holidays (mainly to Greece) when I was too young to remember. Which is a shame, but I love to listen to their stories, for example when we went to Greece by bus (which is a 12 hours driving distance!) with me, 2 years old at that time, sleeping and sleeping all the way. This must have been the point when I subconciously got this comforting and familiar feeling that traveling is just THE ting for me.

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